New Media Consultancy Services

Who are we?

Our passion is building your business.  Providing consistent social media content and branding in combination with holistic digital strategy and public relations. 

What are we?

We are a small boutique firm catering to bars, restaurants and others businesses in New York City for niche social and new media marketing services.

We are not like every other social media company, we don't just 'do' social media, we like to immerse your venue in social media by showing the atmosphere inside of your space and making the bridge between your potential customers and what you offer.  

What is our ethos?

We understand that one of the most prominent components of your venue is not only the fantastic food, refreshments & service but also the ambiance and surroundings which lead to the total experience you offer for your customers and clients. 

We care a lot about the atmosphere you wish to convey in the space that you have created; we care about the menu, the cocktails, the wine and the story that you have set up in your bar or restaurant.

The Wild PR team

What is the essence of our beautiful photography?

You will notice our photography is not always of an empty bar or restaurant but your venue in full flight during the business day; whether brunch, lunch, dinner or late night dining and drinking we take our beautiful photography at all times to capture the best moment & atmosphere.

We love food photography; we know how to set a beautiful scene with your dishes on display to provide the right atmosphere and message you want to convey about your menu selection. 

Where do our delicious words come from?

We love beautiful photography, and we also love delicious words that describe exactly the vision you have for your venue.

After we consult and understand the message and image you are trying to bring, we put together a story or a straight line summary which is engaging for your customers and clients and allows them to interact. You will always have final sign off on everything we write.

What is our approach? 

As we are New York City based, we will always visit you, to view your space, menu and understand your objectives.

We tend to undertake 'one off experiences' for your venue rather than a full-scale social media campaigns that other companies might offer. It might be a new menu or a new cocktail, or you have had a new fit out of your bar and want to accentuate the new features.

If you're just looking for thousands of more followers, we might not be the best partner for you, although this is often a positive outcome from our work. We love to deal with the entire experience and your bottom line and not a top line numeric on followers or likes.

We love to listen and consult; we like to understand what is the story you want to tell and the message that your venue conveys.

If you like see some further examples of our work or a sample observation report, please do let us know. 

How do we measure successes?

We are not obsessive about likes and followers but the experience that you offer. We connect you with your client’s customers and selected demographics.

We will provide statistics to you from various sources and tools, but the real measure is the response you obtain from your customers and clients and most importantly your bottom line. 

How do we construct pricing?

Our pricing is based on three simple tiers but is generated to fulfill your exact requirements; often we conduct consultancy reports for venues who want to consider where they might require improvements before moving forward with an executed plan of attack. 

Drop us a mail at to discuss. 

Consultancy Services?

Absolutely, we are building out our services and we also have an array of experts in others fields;, from your menus, to interiors to fashion (uniforms) to graphic design, to music curation to staff management which can be used for as the basis for a consultancy review on your venue.


Please view Our Work page to demonstrate how we can bring your social media to life for your business and email us on if you have any queries.